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Rescue team

For Executive protection and Personal Bodyguard security for both personal and visiting VIP’s and executives we offer tailor made security packages. The person that can save your life must be someone you really trust, we will ensure you get only the best professionals in the business! At SIGAP we provide the most excellent in private, close protection and security services available. Whether your concerns are your business, yourself, your family or your occasion our defense Specialists are the highly trained professionals and reliable agents available anywhere in Indonesia and we’ll secure you 24/7

Special teams that are deployed specially for handling accident, natural disasters such as flood relief and other evacuation.

Security Officer


Manned Security Services takes pride in the service provided by our specialist security officers. With skills and experience enhanced by rigorous training, our service quality is supplemented with the application of technology and structured levels of supervision. Our service applications range from the protection of private residence for customer’s top executive to multi-storey grade A buildings, to power and utility facilities and hotels. We have dedicated resources to continual improvement and training in order to provide consistently superior service quality to our entire customer. SIGAP supplies and manages security personnel on a 24- hour, 365-days basis for a large variety of site. This service encompasses a site audit or risk assessment to determine what is required and the best methods operating. We cover every category of business in rural and urban areas.

Special event security guards may be stationed at various posts throughout a special event venue. Some sit at a security desk and check attendees’ tickets or credentials. They may also search bags or other belongings that are brought into the venue for contraband. In some cases, they may monitor electronic surveillance equipment to ensure that no one is violating the law or rules of the venue. Other special event security guards patrol the grounds of the venue. They observe attendees, and may detain anyone who is in violation of the law or venue rules. Special event security guards must also perform crowd control, and may be required to supervise parking or direct traffic after the event is over. Our Special Event Security Guards or called Task Force is can

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